Lilac Lovers Club tee with Happy Fabric

Wanna join the Lilac Lovers Club? Well now you can! We designed our dream tee to declare our allegiance to everything lilac and with the help of lovely Marnie and Hayley at Happy Fabric, we made our dreams come true. We booked in a trip to the Happy Fabric studio, where we worked on two of our own designs and were pretty much allowed to run wild. We were like two kids in a parma violet candy store!

We used the Happy Fabric heat press vinyl and silhouette cameo 3 cutter to create our Lilac Lovers Club tees, and we’re gonna share the templates and tutorial so you can create your own if want too.

You can create the design without the fancy equipment we used, just a pair of scissors and an iron will do the job. Happy Fabric gifted us the vinyl and their time for this project, but we’ve been using their amazing stuff since we met them at the Handmade Fair in September 2018. There are other brands available for cutters and heat press vinyl, we just personally use (and love) Happy Fabric.

Soooooo, first off let’s talk about design. We were really inspired by bold, layered text as the shadow makes the lettering really pop. We decided to use two layers of vinyl for our text. We always gather inspo on Pinterest for our projects and it’s a great tool to use when designing your own templates.

lilac lovers club tee.jpeg

Then we played around with our design on Photoshop, printing them out so we could see how the size would look on our tees (our design was super simple so you could create it on most programmes). FYI, the text is Cooper Black 😊

Lilac Lovers Club lets get creative

We used:

  • Happy Flex in White

  • Happy Flex in Purple

  • Happy Flex in Pastel Purple

Cut One Pair at the Happy Fabric studio
Cutting out your template

Step 1:

Cut out the templates you’ve drawn or printed out and trace around them using your pen straight onto the vinyl. The hard, plasticky layer is the top side so you need to draw your patterns on the underside. Remember: always put your templates face down, as the plasticky layer is the bit that will be facing out. If you’re doing text this is super important to note, otherwise you’ll end up with backwards text - doh!

Step 2:

Now you can cut around you shape making sure to cut all of the biro/pen away as it can bleed onto your design when pressed on. Once you have your design completely cut out you can lay it out on your garment to see how you’d like to position it. COP tip! If you are happy with how it looks take a pic - it’s amazing how easily you can forget what it looked like.

Happy press time

Step three:

Now you’re ready for the fun (and scary) bit… securing it into its final position. You’ll be working with three layers for this design, starting with the background piece which is the heart. You will need to cover your vinyl design with grease proof paper before pressing it in place with an iron or heat press. Check the length of time and temp required for your chosen vinyl. Once you have pressed it in place, you will peel off the carrier (plasticky layer). COP tip! You may need to press your design in place a couple of times to ensure its completely flat and free of bubbles.


Step 4:

Next, you will either cut around the letters of your second/middle layer (ours was purple) with scissors or use a cutter to do the work for you. COP tip! If you are hand cutting letters with scissors, a font like the one we chose is perfect because it’s easier to work with! Anything fine or spindly will be very fiddly to cut out.

If you used a cutting machine like we did, now you will use your weeder to peel away the vinyl outside your letters. Then repeat with the top lettering layer (ours was pastel purple).

Step 5:

Repeat steps three and four for the other two rows of text. You will put the darker one down first, press, then followed by the lighter one. You can move the top layer around to see what kind of shading look you prefer - we went for shading on the lower left side.

If you wanna join the club, you can! download the templates here.



If you make one, don’t forget to tag @CutOnePair and use the oh so special hashtag