Let us introduce ourselves. We are Jenny and Louise, two friends who are sewing obsessed and spend most of our time together talking about sewing. Most of our chats start like “Have you seen what they made?”, “Drool! Have you seen this new pattern?”, or “Ugh! That fabric is amazing - NEED!”.

When I’m not sewing, I’m probably thinking about it

We met through our jobs at Tilly and the Buttons and quickly realised that we were sew sisters. The patterns, fabrics, inspo, and people’s makes that we obsess over bonded us as our aesthetic is so similar.

Same same, but different

We created Cut One Pair as a space to share our makes, ideas, inspirations, and to have a platform to connect with other makers on a daily basis. We hope this will be an encouraging, fun, and supportive place that celebrates just how great this hobby, no, way of life is. xx

Being each other’s biggest cheerleader means you can never fail



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